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A New Business Checklist

Once you have a legal entity, here are some of the things you should make sure you do in setting up your company.  This is a partial list.  Get advice from a Human Resources professional!

  • Register your business with the state, city, etc.
  • Fill out an I-9 form for everyone you hire
  • Post the Government-Required Posters at your Place of Business, including:
    • Federal:
      • Age Discrimination in Employment Act
      • Americans with Disabilities Act
      • Davis-Bacon Act
      • Employee Polygraph Protection Act
      • Executive Order 11246
      • Fair Labor Standards Act
      • Family and Medical Leave Act
      • Occupational Safety and Health Act
      • Rehabilitation Act of 1973
      • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
      • Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act of 1994
      • Walsh-Healy Act
    • State:
      • Minimum wage
      • Job Safety and Health
      • Workers Comp.
      • Unemployment Compensation Insurance
  • Have all founders, contractors, employees sign IP/non-compete/NDA agreements before they do any development work
  • Remember that non-compete agreements (in Oregon) must be signed 2 weeks before the person starts work
  • Set up a filing system for employee, corporate, and contract information