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StartSOS is dedicated to  helping entrepreneurs understand how to start a business.  Resources on this site include:

  • Startup Road Map with how-to information for each stage of starting a company
  • An extensive glossary
  • Blog posts that will continue to add to the content
  • A tag cloud of blog posts from other entrepreneurs and investors that give you a broad set of perspectives on a wide range of entrepreneurial topics

StartupSOS is brought to you by Steve Morris (LinkedIn) and Karen Morris (LinkedIn) at StartupSOS LLC.  Steve has been a part of 3 investor-funded startups and started two new business units inside larger companies.  In addition to having startup founder/CEO experience, he has more than 10 years of experience coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs at the Oregon Technology Business Center and at Oregon BEST.  Although Karen works for the VA today, she has extensive small-business experience having previously owned a construction company, and worked as office manager at half a dozen investor-funded startups.