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Creating the Investor Presentation

The investor presentation covers the high-points of the business plan.

It should not be a long, technical discussion of your product. That’s not how to get an investor interested.

It should be

  • A compelling story as to why an investor should invest in your company.
  • Less then 20 slides.
  • Something you can present in 20 minutes or less. (The typical VC appointment is for 1 hour, and you want to allow for questions during and after your presentation.)
  • With backup slides in case more depth is requested

And it should cover pretty much the same topics as the business plan. An example of an investor presentation outline might be:

  • Slide 1: Cover slide with your company name, presenter’s name, contact info.
  • Slide 2: Description of the customer problem/opportunity being addressed (from the point of view of the customer; not the point of view of what your product does)
  • Slide 3: Description of the product or service you will provide to solve the problem
  • Slide 4: Your advantage — why you will win (should include your IP advantage, but there can be other advantages too)
  • Slide 5: Market size of the opportunity (and explanation of why this is an emerging/disruptive, rapidly growing opportunity)
  • Slide 6: How you will market and sell your product or service
  • Slide 7: Description of the expected competition and how you will beat them
  • Slide 8: How you will build and/or deliver the product or service
  • Slide 9: Description of your management team
  • Slide 10: Exit strategy: explain how investors will make at least a 10x return
  • Slide 11: Funding requirements, and what you’ll accomplish with those funds
  • Slide 12: Summary slide repeating the high-points
  • Slide 13: Repeat the Cover slide

You might, of course, need more than 13 slides. But if you end up with more than 20, you need to be more concise.

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