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Getting the First Meeting with a VC

Get an Introduction

So you’ve found and qualified a VC firm and you’d like to approach them. What next?

The best way to get a meeting with a VC is to get an introduction to one of the partners at the VC firm by someone you know and who also knows the VC. So start networking. Who do you know that knows the VC you want to meet? Your lawyer and accountant might be able to help. Other entrepreneurs can help. As I said, start networking!

Send Your Executive Summary; ask to Meet

Once you get the introduction, follow up with your executive summary (not the full business plan) and ask for a meeting.

VC’s receive a lot of executive summaries. If you want to get a meeting, you need an “unfair advantage”. Having a well written, nicely formatted, and concise executive summary is a help. (And an executive summary that wasn’t preceded by an introduction is a long shot.)

Keep in Touch

Your marketing work can be important here too. Put the VC on your distribution list. Whenever there is significant good news, send out a short email. Keep looking for ways to get your company’s name out there and visible to the VC.