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Go or No-Go Decision Time

You’ve filled out and tested the Product-Market fit part of the business model canvas – with at least 20 customers.  You’ve analyzed the competition and you competitive advantage.\

(If you have NOT talked with 20 customers – keep working at it!)

Time to review what you’ve learned and ask some big questions:

Did you get to an “emphatic yes“?   In other words, is there some segment (or sub-segment) of customers who absolutely want your solution as soon as they can get it?

If not, then is it:

        Time to adjust (pivot)?

        Or time to find a new idea?

If you’ve been testing the business model for a month or two – it’a time to ask yourself these questions! 

At the very least it’s time to pull together the team and ask “what have we learned, and what should we do differently?