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How to Find Angels

Angel Groups

Some angels invest individually and are not a member of a group, but many angels are members of angel investment groups who work together to evaluate startup investments.  Some angel groups pool their money and make investment from that pool (the Oregon Angel Fund is an example).  Other angel groups (such as the Portland Angel Network) cooperate in doing due diligence, but each angel makes an independent decision on investing in each startup that presents to the group.

Angel Conferences

Angel Conferences can be a great place to meet angels – even if you’re not one of the presenting companies.  Conferences are also a good place to listen to – and learn from – some good pitches, and investor questions.

Angels Online

Online portals for angel investing such as Angelist are widely used.  Again, use your network: get feedback from other entrepreneurs about their experience using online platforms.

Incubators and Accelerators

One big benefit of being part of an incubator or accelerator is that you get access to that organization’s network.

Finding Individual Angels

Angel groups and conferences are easy to find.   Individual angels are harder to find.  It comes down to networking.  Work your network.   Talk to other companies that have received angel investment and ask for introductions to their angels.  Once you start to meet some angels, they can introduce you to other angels.