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I’m Glad I Hired One Of My Startup’s Biggest Skeptics, 2017 Jul 28

Why This Tech CEO Keeps Hiring Humanities Majors, 2017 Jul 24

From HR to People Ops: When and Why To Start a People Team, 2017 Jul 05

10 best places to find your next core team member, 2017 Jul 05

Groupthink vs. consensus: Don’t mix them up, 2017 May 08

Why Should I Follow You? – Soul To Work, 2017 May 08

Nine Ways to Communicate with Millennials, 2017 May 08

3 things a leader can do to slow down time, 2017 May 08

What should you do with high-performing employees who suddenly struggle?, 2017 May 01

Don’t Say, “It’s Not That Bad,” to Someone Who Thinks it’s Bad | Leadership Freak, 2017 May 01

How to Find Great Co-Founders for Your Startup, 2017 Apr 18

What To Do When Your Teammates Become Dispassionate And Unreliable, 2017 Apr 10

Thinx Is Proof Your Startup Needs HR, 2017 Mar 27

Why You Need Two Chiefs in the Executive Office, 2017 Mar 20

Snag the Best Advisors for Your Startup, from Best-selling Authors to Fortune 500 CEOs, 2017 Jan 30
Former Google executive Amy Chang has successfully courted heavy hitters and VIPs to advise her startup Accompany. Here, she breaks down how to score big fish for your braintrust.

Five Pitfalls of Seed Round Hiring — This is going to be BIG…, 2017 Jan 09

How to volunteer when you’re a resource-strapped startup – Chicago Tribune, 2016 Nov 17
“You’re more likely to retain top talent, it’s a way to train people via outside projects and it also increases retention rates because people are more likely to stay with a company that allows them to do social good through their work.”

Some gig economy startups are giving out equity to help retain workers, 2016 Oct 24
Dissatisfaction among gig-economy workers (e.g., Uber) is leading to some startups using a different approach

10 Lessons Building a Rockstar Development Team as a Non-Technical Co-Founder, 2016 Sep 12

Breaking a myth: Data shows you don’t actually need a co-founder | TechCrunch, 2016 Sep 06

Redefining Leadership Roles as Your Company Expands, 2016 Aug 18
As a startup grows, the roles top management plays change, and adapting can be hard

How to make firing people suck less for them and suck more for you — Signal v. Noise, 2016 Aug 18

These Startups Are Turning “Gig” Jobs Into Good Jobs – Next City, 2016 Jun 20
Sometimes, having employees makes more sense than having contractors

How to Attract Talent for Your Pre-Revenue Startup, 2016 Jun 20

Team Building Tips for Entrepreneurs – Fortune, 2016 Jun 20
Dale Chang, vice president of portfolio operations at Scale Venture Partners, with ideas on building a team

You Don’t Need a Co-Founder, 2016 Jun 13
You need a team – but do you need a co-founder?

How do you keep communication open between key executives and the CEO? | SmartBrief, 2016 Jun 06

Minimum Viable Culture — The Fieldbook Blog — Medium, 2016 Apr 25
A practical tip for working on company culture

HR Comes Last at Startups, and Women Pay the Price | Motherboard, 2016 Apr 25
Don’t put off creating an HR function too long, or biases may creep in to the hiring/promotion/compensation process.

The Full Stack Founder — Hello Eve, 2016 Apr 07
A founder needs more than tech skills