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What Is the Unmet Need?

The Job, the Pain, the Gain

Customers expect a product or service to “do something” for them.  You can think of this as the “job” the customer is “hiring” your product to do.  Associated with doing the “job”, there is usually a particular “gain” the customer is seeking, and/or a “pain” the customer is trying to avoid.

So what do you believe is the unmet need (the “job” to be done)?   Write that down in the “Value Proposition” section of the canvas (or the “Unmet Need/Problem) section of the Lean Canvas).

Is the Need Compelling?

A startup is an unproven company with an unproven product.  And let’s face it, your first product is likely to have some problems.  To have a chance of selling your product (and possibly attracting investment money), the need you are addressing has to be compelling.  It should be a “must have”, not a “nice to have”.