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Capture your Product-Market Fit Hypotheses

The first step in testing your assumptions is to capture the assumptions on the customer-side of your canvas – in other words, capture your Product-Market fit assumptions.  Download a Business Model Canvas here and write down your hypotheses for Customer Segment, Value Proposition (Job, Pain, Gain, Solution, Differentiation), Customer Relationship, Channels and Source of Revenue.

Use these links to explore each of the Product-Market Fit segments of the canvas:

Customer Segments
Value Proposition
Customer Relationship
Sources of Revenue

Next Step: Test

Excellent you’ve recorded your Product-Market fit assumptions!  (Keep in mind there are still some sections to fill out on the cost-side of the canvas – but that can come later.)

Now – get out there and test those assumptions by talking with customers!  That’s the next step in the Startup Road Map.


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