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Customer Segments

Customer Segments
Value Proposition
Customer Relationship
Sources of Revenue

List out the customer (market) segments in your market -perhaps with the help of your marketing/sales advisor.   If you need to test multiple segments (i.e., you have not decided which is your early adopter segment) then you’ll need to fill out a separate canvas for each segment.  Why?  Because each market segment likely has a different Job to be Done, Pain to Avoid and/or Gain to Obtain.

The other reason to pick one market segment is that you have limited resources, and you’re likely to be more successful if you focus on a single, not-to-big customer segment as the first segment you tackle.

Is Your Market Multisided?

In some markets, there are more than one type of customer.  Consider Facebook.  Facebook has a lot of users, and the vast majority are “users” who pay nothing.  Then there is another set of customers – advertisers – who actually provide Facebook with revenue.  Both the users and the advertisers are important – and those two categories of customers clearly have different needs.  If you have a two-sided (or three-sided – or more) market, you’ll need to fill out multiple canvases – one for each type of customer – because each customer type in your multi-sided market have very different needs!

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